Infrastructure Services

Energy infrastructure needs to adapt to retain value in a transitioning marketplace. Energex provides in-depth knowledge of markets and energy value chains to help our clients maximise infrastructure value as market fundamentals, regulations and Capex criteria change.

We provide guidance and analysis to inform decision-making around adapting physical operations and infrastructure to best suit future opportunities and challenges.

Energex will ensure that your assets are best positioned to succeed in the current and future markets by: 

  • Delivering bespoke market assessments to understand the impact of new and growing commodities in a client’s portfolio
  • Preparing investment plans to adapt physical assets to ensure they operate efficiently and can serve the new market opportunities in a lower carbon environment
  • Optimising refinery and terminal logistics by conducting debottlenecking analysis or evacuation plans
  • Providing commercial oversight to initiate and run investment projects
  • Ensuring project management best practices by offering essential commercial advice between asset owners and engineering service providers

Environmental Products

We work with our clients to help them understand the implications that carbon pricing and regulation may have on their existing assets and strategy, such as the EU ETS and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

We also assist clients to explore opportunities and develop strategies to repurpose existing assets in order to participate in the rapidly evolving market for physical CO2 transportation and storage.

Contacts: Jason RajahMichael Fulton

Oil trading

Oil & Petrochemicals

We leverage our combined commercial expertise and operational knowledge to develop asset strategies and plans to create additional value through increased efficiency, lower costs, higher contract values and/or adapting infrastructure to new products and markets. We work alongside our clients in the storage and refining sectors, assisting with business planning, scenario planning, project identification and management.

Contacts: Jason Rajah, Boris Oudenbroek