Commercial assessment of potential market options

Commercial assessment of potential market options

Commercial assessment of potential market options

Infrastructure Services – Energy Transitions

The Engagement:

Commercial assessment of the longevity and participation options for a storage operator

The Client:

NWE Storage Operator

The Challenge:

To assess the feasibility of potential market options for the terminal in order for the client to make sound investment decisions


3 months

How Energex helped:

  • Provided market outlooks and flows for key products of the client
  • Assessed the storage market fundamentals including the regulatory environment and the Russian conflict and their impact on the terminal
  • Conducted an overview of the competitive environment
  • Analysis of product flows into and out of the terminal
  • Conducted an in-depth customer review with renewal likelihoods and an assessment of supply chain integration with customers
  • Presented the strategic pathways applicable to different classes of storage
  • Provided detailed market options applicable for tanks and logistics
  • Ran an economic model that provided high-level analysis of the financial implications of strategic pathways

Tangible impact:

  • Three workshop presentations to the management team presenting initial findings and analysis for discussion
  • Produced a client-usable model in order to assess IRR and potential payback period of presented market options
  • Worked closely with the weekly working group in order to fully understand the criteria and potential options for the terminal
  • Presented potential projects for individual tanks and assessment of their feasibility for the client
  • Supporting the management team on the presentation to the Executive committee
  • Provided an overall report on the findings of the three workshops