Commercial Advisory

The increased pace of change in the energy sector brings both significant opportunities and challenges. Energex is best placed to help clients navigate the markets, whether the objectives are growth, optimisation or diversification. 

Energex can help clients:
  • Devise commercial strategies for effective growth across many commodity value chains and asset classes
  • Develop tailored commercial operating models to optimise midstream and downstream assets and value chains to maximise returns
  • Build and develop organisational capability in supply and trading, marketing and distribution, governance, and risk management
  • Understand the competitive landscape, moving to best practice through undertaking targeted benchmarking of other market participants
  • Ensure their business is structured to facilitate sustainable growth
  • Develop bespoke market assessments and studies of supply & demand
Oil trading

Oil & Petrochemicals

We provide clients with unique strategic insights and actionable strategies across the entire oil and petrochemicals sector. We develop solutions which support the creation of value and strengthen organisational advancement in refining and marketing, commodities trading and risk management, logistics, storage and shipping. Our advice is based on leveraging our extensive industry experience, supported by bespoke industry peer reviews and tailored market assessments by region, country, or product.

Contacts: Michael Brennan, Göran Trapp, Ronny Elénius, Liz Martin


Gas & LNG

Gas and LNG advice starts with our proprietary Global Gas and LNG Model providing unique market insights and scenario planning to inform the development of commercial solutions. Our sector coverage includes advice on LNG marketing and contracting, gas supply and trading and portfolio and asset optimisation.

Contacts: Tom Field, Joanna Hardinge, Liz Martin


Energy Transition

The Energy Transition is evolving at pace and we provide deep knowledge, expertise and insight into carbon, biofuels, biogas, renewable power and the circular economy area of waste-to-value. Our advice is always based on a deep understanding of the related commodity markets with increasing emphasis on the carbon markets and pricing. 

Contacts: Michael Brennan, Jonathan Martland, Ulrich Arnheiter

Case studies