Design and Implementation of Operating Model for Carbon Offering

Design and Implementation of Operating Model for Carbon Offering

Design and Implementation of Operating Model for Carbon Offering

Commercial Advisory - Environmental Products

The Engagement:

Design and Implementation of Operating Model for Global Carbon Offering

The Client:

Large global bunker supplier

The Challenge:

Client identified the strategic importance of developing a fit-for-purpose and scalable platform and operating model to support its service offering to its shipping customer base, given their future exposure to the carbon markets as a result of the recently announced inclusion of the shipping sector under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).

Client engaged Energex to advise on carbon strategy and to design and implement an operating model to allow client to support bunkering customers to comply with EU ETS regulation.


Ongoing (2023-)

How Energex helped:

  • Define value proposition and commercial structure

    • Providing overview of financial regulation applicable to EU ETS
    • Identifying potential addressable market and profit pools for different carbon products, services and solutions
    • Reviewing customer and competitive landscape
    • Mapping internal relevant corporate capabilities
    • Describing costs, working capital and funding requirements
    • Preparing options for routes to market with the product offering and prepare recommendation for Executive Board.

    Design and Implementation of Operating Model

    • Defining future state of organisation to deliver selected carbon offering products and solution
    • Describing key mandates and risk limits
    • Mapping functional and organisational relationships
    • Listing the key roles and responsibilities across front, middle and back offices
    • Identifying critical tools, processes/workflows, policies and system requirements

Tangible Impact:

  • Energex worked with our client to design a fit-for-purpose operating model, enabling them to create a platform to offer carbon-related products to their wide client base across multiple jurisdictions and geographies
  • By working directly with key stakeholders and understanding their existing strengths and capabilities, we were able to develop a detailed roadmap for implementation to enable them, to rapidly develop and scale the new product offering
  • Our support enabled the client to navigate a complex and evolving regulatory environment and to develop an operating model that minimised regulatory and operational risk
  • Energex worked to a tight timeline, enabling the client to become one of the first movers in a new market