M&A Transactions

Whether it is equity acquisitions, debt and credit structures or alliances and joint ventures, completing successful transactions within the evolving energy sector is complex. Energex is committed to supporting the goals of its clients no matter how challenging.

Energex combines expert commercial advice grounded in industry experience with operational expertise and underpinned by robust analytics, to provide a unique and comprehensive commercial due diligence service for investors across the energy sector. We work with our clients to support a strong investment process that fully evaluates the drivers of value whilst critically analysing risks and unlocking upside opportunities.

Energex strives to help its clients mitigate risks and maximise commercial performance by:

  • Sourcing and vetting opportunities, including measuring the feasibility of strategies and asset investments
  • Undertaking detailed commercial due diligence
  • Bridging between commercial and technical due diligence
  • Participating in management presentations
  • Providing critical market intelligence and market studies
  • Assisting with the business planning process
  • Offering post-execution strategy and support, including Board Directorships, assessing investment projects, sourcing strategic/financial partners and helping to fill expertise gaps
Oil trading

Oil & Petrochemicals

Energex focuses on supporting the successful acquisition and post-close development of the midstream assets which facilitate the storage, blending and onward distribution of crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals and the operating companies within these supply chains. Our advice is built on a deep understanding of the specific commodity markets which underpin asset utility and value.

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Gas & LNG

We provide commercial due diligence and advice to investors in LNG liquefaction, re-gasification and gas storage, pipelines and transport. Our coverage spans greenfield developments and operating assets where in both cases we leverage our proprietary Global Gas and LNG Model and market knowledge to inform business planning, asset valuations and deal structures.

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Energy Transition

Investing in assets and infrastructure that offer alternative energy sources, requires in-depth understanding of the competitive and pricing dynamics, supply-demand patterns and the existing supply chains that low and no-carbon alternatives must displace. Understanding how low and no-carbon energy sources will transact, price and move are critical components to the value of the assets that will support them. We have provided this expertise, transactions support and commercial due diligence to institutional investors across multiple transactions in waste-to-value, biofuels, renewable power and biogas.

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Case studies