Maximising value through adapting the infrastructure

Maximising value through adapting the infrastructure

Maximising value through adapting the infrastructure


Infrastructure Services – Oil

The Engagement:

Investment appraisals of revenue optimisation projects

The Client:

A marine bunker fuels terminal operator

The Challenge:

Are improvements possible with limited investments to service existing and new customers and thus improve revenues and utilisations?


2 months

How Energex helped:

  • Benchmarked the client’s asset against other storage operators in the region to identify areas of potential improvement
  • Matched the capabilities and storage capacity required against the expected throughput from forecast product flows and bunker demand
  • Assessed the potential for alternative marine fuels such as biofuels and methanol
  • Generated a list of projects and assessed the commercial feasibility.  Worked with technical advisors to look at costing and feasibility and therefore ranked the projects

Tangible Impact:

  • Clearer understanding for the client in terms of where they are positioned versus their competitors and what specific changes are needed to remain competitive
  • Impact of the energy transition on bunker fuels volumes on the client’s location and the core market is understood and the mitigation options are well articulated
  • Identified that the addition of a barge berth would allow an anchor customer to win local bunker fuels market share and hence create an uplift in volumes and revenues for our client
  • Identification of a number of ‘quick wins’ that involve maximising value from existing pipelines and tanks
  • Around $15m of investment projects have been further developed by the project team after Energex identified these opportunities